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Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way — May Your Mind Reach Beyond
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Welcome to the Creative ProgrammeThe Office of Innovation is a world-class pioneering management model developed for revolutionizing the academic life in Jimma University. The main purpose is to discover hidden potentials inside the Jimma community. If you are from JU, do not be shy, and feel free to share/discuss with us any idea, potential, and opinion you may have.
Don't underestimate the Office co-curricular programs, as side activities; they will become the driving forces for the entire university soon. Join us and be among pioneers.
JU staff and students can create their own emails as @juoi.org. Emails are hosted by Microsoft, and you will have access to all services of hotmail (like chat, etc).
NOTE: This is not a replacement to the University emals (@ju.edu.et); instead, this is an opportunity for those who are interested in global emails like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.
How You Can Participate?This is an interactive website for better connection of the JU community with the Office. Please register an account to submit your ideas, proposals, applications, suggestion, etc and also participating in online discussion for prospective programs. This is just the beginning, and we are looking forward for your active participation.
A Different Aspect of AcademiaEducation can empower you with knowledge, but it is not everything. Academia is a land of opportunities. You can find your pathway towards future career through academic life. The Office is organizing a series of social events and entrepreneurship programs which can unexpectedly change your future career, while they are indeed the fun part of Jimma University.
If you have any idea, suggestion, or comment, please share with us. Here is where you can see your thoughts in action!
➀ Launching/supporting centers of research excellence ➁ Forming new departments and graduate programs ➂ improving academic life through a wide range of social activities and events ➃ Building international connections with universities across the world ➄ Creating jobs for students alumni through entrepreneurship ➅ Reporting technical reports to the government as suggestion for sustainable development of the country ➆ Close connection with other governments (and embassies) for supporting plans of mutual interests ➇ Organizing practical workshops for training empowered managers for critical roles
Supported by other programs of the Office, three research centers are planned for building research excellence, not only nationally but also internationally.

Information Technology Research Institute

Center for Renewable Energy Research

Horticultural Research Center

The Office has several programs for improving the quality of education such as

➊ Updating curriculum according to international standards.

➋ Implementing modern teaching methods.

➌ Hiring highly qualified (research active) staff from abroad.

➍ Launching new graduate programs.
Academic Life in CampusImproving the quality of student life to reach the level of top university is a central mission of the Office.

As a starting point, we are organizing a series of different social programs. If you have any talent or interest in art, culture, entertainment, and other social activities, please contact the Office.
WorkshopsTo achieve the goals planned by the Office programs, we need to empower our people with most advanced techniques. We run a series of practical workshops, and we aim to expand them nationally and even in the region. Browse tentative workshops through its menu.
Arts & EntertainmentsAcademic life is the main theme of this Office, and we run different kinds of social events to activate our academic community. If you have any (absolutely any) talent in any areas of arts, please feel free to inform the Office.
This programs is not limited to the university. If you have potentials in any artistic field, we do our best to help you for finding your future career.
REMEMBER! academia should help you to find your future career, not necessarily in your education discipline.
Women's OutreachNo society can be fully advanced and civilized without full participation of women. It is not only losing 50% of human resource, but also having unnatural atmosphere.
We cannot achieve a gender balance across the university in short-term, but we aim to improve it at least in the Office programs.
Thus, we strongly encourage female students to participate. Join us to build a better atmosphere for social life of women.
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